Dal Diet™ Losing weight couldn’t be made easier ...

Dal Diet™ does not involve extremely low calories or restricting the nutrition by being selective and is therefore easier to maintain. Weight loss is obtained by increasing the metabolism rather than starving the body.  When the body is well nourished and receiving adequate energy it will no longer make the dieter crave foods that are missing from the diet. Starvation and the need to eat will override even the strongest will power eventually.

By starting the day with a breakfast that is full of nutrition and energy you will not be distracted by gnawing hunger for the rest of the day. A good breakfast followed by the Dal Diet™ plan of sensible eating for lunch and dinner will make weight loss safe and easier to maintain.


Learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle
Follow the Dal Diet™ program in the privacy of your own home. With each order you will receive an easy to read guide to get you started on the road to weight loss and good health. Online support is available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can phone Helen on 0488 00 44 59.

Don’t want to “go it alone”?
Some people have greater success if they are supervised and know they will have to be accountable once a week. If this is you, and you live in the Perth metropolitan area, Helen will come to you for the small fee of $20.00 per visit.

Exercise is not necessary to get great results...
It is not necessary to exercise to lose weight on the Dal Diet™ program. It is, however, recommended that we all do some gentle exercise each day for general good health and wellbeing. Exercise will increase your metabolism and assist with your weight loss.

Did you know...
Dal Diet™ has assisted some clients to reduce their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This has been achieved after only a short time on the Dal Diet™ program. Helen has reduced her cholesterol levels.

Eating out is easy...
Learn how to eat out without sacrificing your weight loss. By following the Dal Diet™ program you will learn to make healthy choices when eating out so you don’t miss out on the good times.

“I feel great and I lost 6 kilos in a week! It even tastes good ...”

Exercise is not necessary to lose weight on the Dal Diet™ program? Our breakfast mix is high in energy which increases metabolism and so promotes weight loss.

Dal Diet™ is now available to purchase right across Australia.
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